Our Staff


Our Staff

Heather Gleason

Practice Manager

Heather Gleason, Star Retina’s Practice Manager for two years, brings a combined love for patient care and team development to her role. Heather is passionate about making a positive impact on patients’ lives, ensuring everyone receives compassionate and kind treatment. Recognizing the vital link between a happy staff and exceptional patient care, she actively cultivates a positive and supportive work environment, allowing the Star Retina team to thrive. Outside of work, Heather embraces family life with her husband and their children. Weekends often find her cheering on her son’s love for baseball – a sport she holds dear.

Mindi Reynolds

Front Desk

Mindi Reynolds, a friendly face at the Star Retina front desk and checkout, has been with the practice for 8 months. Her warmth and welcoming demeanor make a positive first impression on patients. Mindi finds immense joy in connecting with individuals and celebrating their progress and successes along their healthcare journey. Outside of work, Mindi enjoys the simple pleasures of life – indulging in her passion for baking, getting lost in a good book, and spending cherished moments with her precious grandchildren.

Mikki Sells

Lead Research Coordinator

Mikki Sells brings a dynamic energy to her role as Lead Research Coordinator at Star Retina. With just a month under her belt, Mikki thrives on the challenge and excitement of contributing to advancements that might improve patients’ vision. Witnessing the potential impact on their lives fuels her sense of reward. Beyond the professional realm, Mikki enjoys the peace and thrill of fishing, the adventures of travel, and cherishing moments with her beloved grandchildren.

Micayla Allbright


Micayla Allbright brings nine months of dedicated service as a Scribe at Star Retina, where she witnesses the diverse stories and backgrounds of patients firsthand. Her mission is to help individuals regain their vision to the fullest extent possible, striving to enhance their quality of life with each interaction. Beyond her professional commitments, Micayla finds joy in creative pursuits such as painting and crafting, allowing her to express herself artistically. She also enjoys the tranquility of fishing and cherishes moments spent with her children, whose presence adds depth and meaning to her life.

Irene Mickler

Authorizations & Billing

Irene Mickler has dedicated three years to the field of Authorizations & Billing, where her passion for helping others shines through in her work. She finds joy in the connections she makes with her colleagues, considering each day a blessing to be surrounded by such a supportive team. Outside of her professional life, Irene indulges in her love for cooking, finding solace in the creation of delicious meals. She is an avid reader, always eager to explore new worlds and ideas through the pages of a book. Most importantly, Irene cherishes spending quality time with her family, valuing those moments above all else.

Tara Hayes

Research Coordinator

Tara Hayes brings a year of dedicated service as a Research Coordinator at Star Retina, where she thrives on patient interaction and delivering exceptional care. With a passion for her patients’ well-being, Tara finds fulfillment in every interaction, ensuring their needs are met with compassion and expertise. Outside of her professional role, Tara cherishes moments spent with her loved ones, finding joy in the company of family and friends. She finds solace in the melodies of music and the tranquility of fishing, activities that allow her to recharge and appreciate the beauty of life.

Nickole Williams

Regulatory and Budget Manager

Nickole Williams brings three years of expertise as the Regulatory and Budget Manager at Star Retina. She finds immense fulfillment in the endearing relationships she has cultivated with her patients, prioritizing their care and well-being above all else. Outside of her professional endeavors, Nickole indulges in her passion for baking, delighting in the creation of delicious treats. She also finds solace and enlightenment in the pages of a good book, expanding her knowledge and understanding. Additionally, Nickole is deeply rooted in her faith and finds joy in spreading the love of Jesus Christ, embodying compassion and kindness in all aspects of her life.

Destiny Muscara

Billing Specialist

Destiny Muscara brings six months of invaluable experience as a Biller at Star Retina, where she finds immense fulfillment in collaborating with a remarkable team. Embracing the culture of growth within the company, Destiny appreciates the boundless opportunities for advancement at Star Retina. She is inspired by the supportive environment that surrounds her, knowing that whenever new opportunities emerge, there will always be a network of encouragement. Beyond her professional endeavors, Destiny indulges in the pleasures of reading, crafting, and journaling, allowing her to unwind and explore her creative side.

Diana Valdez

Surgery Coordinator

Diana Valdez is the Surgery Coordinator at Star Retina, where her one-year tenure has been marked by a commitment to seamless organization and heartfelt patient care. Her favorite aspect of the role is undoubtedly the opportunity to interact with patients, offering them comfort and support as they navigate their surgical journey. Beyond the office, Diana’s zest for life shines through her hobbies of traveling, hitting the gym, and relishing the great outdoors. With her blend of professionalism and genuine compassion, Diana embodies the ethos of Star Retina, making a positive impact on patients and colleagues alike.

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